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The Bounce Back (By Tiffani Rose) Author (Book)

The Bounce Back (By Tiffani Rose) Author (Book)

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Tiffani Rose is a mother, entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker, "life" and breast cancer survivor.

A single parent of four, at the age of 37, Tiffani Rose was diagnosed with Stage 3B Breast Cancer.

During that time -- with a child in college, two in elementary, one in middle school, and of the four one who’s autistic -- Tiffani knew that her recovery plan of action would be one that could only come from a higher and much greater power than herself and those that surrounded her. It was only God who could see her through mentally, physically and spiritually.

Now at the age of 41, Tiffani is cancer free, a budding entrepreneur, and continues to be a loving and even more active mother within her children’s lives.

Tiffani has an unimaginable and inspirational life-story to share. Her "bounce back" is unfathomable!

During speaking engagements and daily interaction with her 50,000+ (and growing) social media friends, followers and fans, Tiffani continues to inspire, motivate and captivate her audience with her powerful, impactful and relatable life stories.

Tiffani will tell you that it wasn’t easy, but she’ll also tell you how her faith, trust in God, and maintaining a positive attitude and outlook saw her through.

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